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Whether you’re completely new to progressive jackpot slots or you’d like to dig down into the nitty-gritty of WowPot, we’ve compiled a collection of answers to bring you up to speed.


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Progressive Jackpots

What is the difference between a progressive jackpot and a game that has a top jackpot prize?

A top jackpot prize is a fixed monetary number, often representing a multiplied value of your wager or bet. The top prize is set and cannot be changed.

A progressive jackpot network is a linked system between the jackpot, game(s), and online casinos which make the game(s) available to players. A small percentage of every wager placed on a progressive jackpot game will add to the size of the jackpot. While the revamped WowPot jackpot is relatively new, we’ve seen the Mega Moolah jackpot grow above €20 million in recent times!

How do I win a progressive jackpot?

Simply put, by playing the game! Every title connected to WowPot has strong base gameplay, meaning the play prior to unlocking any extra features can pay out great wins, usually by aligning matching symbols across paylines or along winning ways. Unlocking features within each game, like Power Spins or free spins, offer players further win potential.

Now onto the big kahuna you’re really wondering about… the WowPot jackpot!

Each WowPot game provides different ways to trigger the WowPot jackpot wheel. In some games, the WowPot jackpot wheel is triggered by landing certain configurations of symbols, while in others it is triggered randomly or via coin collections. Once the bonus wheel is triggered, you will see a large jackpot wheel with a variety of coloured slices representing the different jackpot levels. You will be prompted to spin the wheel. You will then be awarded the corresponding jackpot of whichever colour slice you land on, whether that’s the mini, minor, major or the whopping WowPot jackpot!

The only exception to this rule is the game African Legends, which only features the Major tier of the WowPot jackpot. In African Legends, players achieving eight or more consecutive rolls via Rolling Reels™ wins are awarded the major tier of the WowPot jackpot.

There are different games that each feature the WowPot jackpot. Are there separate jackpots for each title?

No. Each title that features the WowPot jackpot feeds into the same pot. The more that players play the games which contribute to the jackpot, the bigger and faster the fund grows. Each WowPot game will specify the jackpot available to players.

Are progressive jackpot slots better than normal slots?

This is down to personal preference. Games within the WowPot jackpot family have the potential to award seven or even eight-figure payouts (there’s no limit to how big the WowPot jackpot can grow, but realistically we’d expect to see it pay out before hitting nine figures!) – far more than most other games, not least regular slots. If you enjoy playing for a chance to win potentially life-changing prizes, then progressive jackpot slots may be the way to go.