Wheel of Wishes
Wheel of Wishes Game Review

Introducing Wheel of Wishes

Packed with potential, Wheel of Wishes is the first title released featuring the newly revamped WowPot progressive jackpot with a monumental starting seed of 2 million—and only growing from there. You know the huge, record-breaking Mega Moolah jackpot? WowPot is part of the same family, the Microgaming progressive jackpot network, which has paid over €1.2 billion since inception.  

Putting the game’s potential and jackpot starting seed aside, Wheel of Wishes online slot is a hugely enjoyable title with great features, simple and stunning graphics and enhanced gameplay options.  

First impressions

Wheel of Wishes opens to a five-reel gameplay area set against the sandy dunes of Arabia. Ambiance wise, Wheel of Wishes delivers big time. The soundscape strikes this great balance between background music and exciting Middle Eastern melodies. Combine that with Vegas-like chimes and bells to build excitement for big wins, Wheel of Wishes brings a fully immersive experience to online casinos.  

It almost has the feeling of walking into an Arabian Tales story, with mystique and intrigue waiting around every corner (amplified by the bespoke, perfect soundscape, which is equal parts exciting and mystifying). 

Let’s dive into the visuals. The low symbols are diamonds, spades, hearts, clubs and circle symbols, brightly painted in jewel tones, adding vibrancy to the reels. High-paying symbols match the mystical nature of the game and are represented as a jewel-encrusted book, genie’s lamp, treasure chest bursting with gold coins, potion vials and an amethyst necklace (plus a deep purple Wild symbol in very fitting typography). Scatter symbols are represented by mini bonus wheels and landing just two of them will unlock a Power Spin. 


Game features

The biggest and arguably most important feature in the game is the one that has the power to trigger the WowPot Jackpot Bonus Wheel. This feature is called Power Spins and there are two ways players can trigger one. 

Option one is by landing two scatter symbols in the base game. The scatter symbols are gorgeously painted mini-wheels, and it takes just two of them to trigger an extra feature by landing just two scatters instead of the standard three or more. After the two scatters land, the play area immediately transforms for a Power Spin. The night sky falls dark and magical whilst a blue smoke fills reels one and five, transforming the reels with identical high-paying symbols. The internal grid spins together, forming a 3x3 Giant Symbol consisting solely of high-paying symbols and the bonus wheel. Power Spins have the potential to land a full reel-set of a high-paying symbol for great win potential.  

If you are lucky to land that bonus wheel fully in the centre grid, you enter a cave of riches with a prominent bonus wheel and a guaranteed reward. You will spin the wheel and reap the corresponding prize to the colour you land on.  

Landing on the golden slice of the wheel means you will win the WowPot jackpot!  

For players with their hearts solely set on the jackpot game, they might want to engage the Power Mode, the second way to trigger Power Spins. Via a side bet of 10x, players can permanently engage the Power Spins and completely bypass the base game with the need to land any scatters. Power Mode may come with a higher price tag, but it drastically increases your chances of entering the WowPot Jackpot Bonus, so the choice is yours. 

In summary

Wheel of Wishes is the debut slot from Alchemy Gaming, an independent studio supplying content exclusively to Microgaming. The game really packs a punch with its graphics and soundtrack, bringing an Arabian flair to the reels. The WowPot potential in this title lights up the gameplay as the abundance of mini-wheel scatter symbols spin by, teasing its potential. 

Wheel of Wishes is great for all players, from casual gamers to those in search of engaging features and huge jackpot prizes.